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RageTools buffs your game with superior, always crisp GUI elements and 2D Vector art. RageTools is a collection of components for Unity, which run on top of RageSpline. In its latest version, RageTools also includes all components formerly included only in RageTools Pro! Some of its Components:
  • Rage SVG-In, vector art importer compatible with Adobe Illustrator(tm) and Inkscape files
  • Rage EdgeTune: An adaptive anti-aliasing and level-of-detail (LOD) tool that intelligently and seamlessly changes your shapes in real-time for the best possible 2D quality.
  • Rage Pivotools: Easily place the pivot, center and offset vector shapes
  • Rage Constraint: Add external controllers to your RageSpline groups, for high-performance animation editing
  • Rage Sprite: Forget atlases! RageSprite allows you to create mobile-performant game sprite animations straight from your vector art. True create-once-and-for-all, no more sprite-size guesswork or re-work to support any new ultra-high resolution which pops up
  • Rage Text: Say goodbye to pixelized and blurry-looking bitmap fonts! RageText is a Vector Text generator a la ScaleFormâ„¢, but fully integrated in Unity and compatible with all its deploy platforms. Two vector fonts included plus a detailed guide on how to convert any font to the system
  • Rage Magnet: Powerful yet easy to use, RageMagnet is a bone-like deformation and animation component for Vector Art
  • Rage IK: The most powerful 2D IK solution for Unity, with one-click setup and multi-segment support

* RageTools is 100% compatible with Unity 2017